You may have seen previous posts about the fun I’ve been having with Patreon creating a whole world of crazy animal cartoons under the title of The Animal Tragic Co..

Well this week I’ve upped my game somewhat and introduced Freaky Familiars, weird mashups of different animals that my patrons can make their own by commenting underneath.

This has proved quite popular and very fun and my patrons are now battling to own these beasts.

I am also very pleased that someone also went for my big crazy tier, The Order of Mergle, where they become a character in my monthly Dr Ripper based cartoon tale, Mergle. Teresa the Terrible is now a fully fledged member and part of the strip.

Here’s a sneak peek..

Not that far off til my $300 goal where I’ll introduce Houses, much like Harry Potter & Game of Thrones. Once I start that every patron will get assigned a house and can win points for their house by claiming Freaky Familiars.

I’m loving this. It’s a new aspect to my cartoon work that just gets me all fired up.

Please come along and join at as I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun on any level.. and remember, every patron gets assigned an animal cartoon familiar upon joining!