Let me start by saying I love using twitter.

It’s been a great place for me to display cartoons, have fun and make contact with the world outside of my own circle.

I’ve been able to talk about my latest projects, tweet photos of the caricatures I’ve drawn and over recent years tweet my crazy animal cartoons.

Until last night I thought it was a good place to tweet against those who regularly spout abuse and downright offensive opinions to the world in general.

Turns out I was wrong.

Responding to the hilarious tweets of actress Amanda Abbington (@CHIMPSINSOCKS) I commented that I thought Piers Morgan & Katie Hopkins, two of the most outspoken and small minded bigots of the modern world, should get married and drive their “Just Married” car into a certain dangerous place that apparently I’m not allowed to mention as it is offensive.

Offensive. A word now used to defend those that support Donald Trump, abuse people regularly and generally condemn anything that resembles any sense of human decency.

Basically it was a joke and it was liked by many. I wasn’t saying that they need to die but obviously twitter thinks every tweet twitted is literal.

You may gather from this post that I’m more than slightly infuriated by this madness.

Twitter froze my account for twelve hours and demanded I remove the tweet, but I might just have to take a break from tweeting anyway now until order and sanity has returned to the world.

In the meantime feel free to visit twitter and look at whatever venomous bile is spewing from Ms Hopkins and Mr Morgan’s mouths.