Patreon. A great platform on the web allowing artists and people from all walks of life to create whilst being supported by their own patrons.

I tried this platform a while back for my various forms of artwork, the caricatures, the books and the Ollie Fallon Gervais cartoons. To be honest, it just didn’t take off. If I’m being really truthful I was pretty disappointed by this, and deleted the account after a few months.

I then started seeing others starting up Patreon accounts and doing quite well with it. My good friends Doug & Ally who run a photography studio in Michigan posted a successful blog and news page under Frameable Faces my hilariously talented friend Matt Luckett hosts a page for his strange and creepy cartoons and my buddy Ken Boyter is doing well hosting a page for his fantasy stories Tales of Edra. So I started to wonder where I went wrong.

Upon revisiting the page it was immediately apparent. My different cartoons are very diverse in subject matter and so there was no structure. I needed to shrink it down to one subject. My caricatures only have so much subject matter to explore, my Dr Ripper books have a very specific audience and I already have a Facebook page for that and so it was obvious; my cartoons of HRH Ollie Fallon Gervais, celebrity cat, were the way to go.

I didn’t realise how much there was that I could do with it too. I now have a whole collection of crazy animals that are part of her world. There’s the cat herself, her mouse slave Stan, Bertie the Hellhound, Jeff the Guru sloth and lots of little sub-characters. It’s proved to be very fun.

I’ve added a new feature in there too in which every patron receives their own Familiar upon joining, a random crazy animal of their own. Hopefully everyone will stick around.

If you’re interested and would like your own Familiar, pop along and become a patron at