It’s been almost two weeks since my buddy Jon and I had the Doodler stall at Walker Stalker Con, the convention for fans of the hit TV show The Walking Dead.

I had attended this event for the previous three years as a customer and the seed was planted for having a stall when meeting actor Michael Cudlitz and giving him one of my Walking Dead caricatures. Cudlitz, ever the gentleman, showed so much enthusiasm for my work and said to me, “Man, you should have these on a stall, you’d sell loads. Next year get booked up!” It took a couple of years but I got there.

The one thing I realised with my group caricature was that half the actors were getting killed off and my picture was out of date very quickly. Hence came the idea of Dead Famous, collectible postcards of TV show stars in zombie form.

So along with those postcards, my comedy books and my caricature clipboard, I was well prepared for one awesome weekend.

And that it certainly was.

I set up the pitch on the Friday and quickly realised I needed a big “Zombie Caricatures” label on the front of the stall. Knocked that up on Friday night and was all set to go for the Saturday.

Everything sold like crazy and the caricatures were non stop, so glad was I to have Jon there handing cash and sales.

At certain points during the weekend my queue was getting as long as some of the stars and I had to keep apologising for the insane wait time.

It’s fun as a caricaturist to be able to add mould and blood to a picture, it’s not something you would often get away with. Indeed since that weekend I’ve had to retrain myself not to add these details to drawings at weddings, that would be BAD.

At one point I dropped off Dead Famous postcards to a few of the stars, didn’t meet most of them as like myself they were insanely busy, but I did get to meet Khary Payton who plays King Ezekiel. Lovely guy, very warm and friendly giving a hug to all who he met. (Doubt most royals would do that) When I explain my exasperation with characters being killed off he said, “I’m hanging on man!”

Thanks to all who I met that weekend, you were all lovely. I think I’ll be keeping the zombie theme for all conventions now and certainly hope to return to Walker Stalker next year.. see you there!