Ever since my little girl was born I’ve been exploring extra ways to use my art.

As well as my Dr Ripper and Co books I’ve been working on all sorts of crazy projects, one of which is Zox, an awesome creation from the Kuiper brothers from LA.

Zox straps are elasticated wristbands/bracelets that feature art from different artists across the globe. They are reversible so you can change your strap to feature a different design. They are also limited edition and every strap is numbered on the inside which makes them very collectible.

I’ve since discovered a whole bunch of collectors out there with box loads of these straps, and these wonderful fun loving folk in the Zox family are affectionately known as “zoxers”

You can check out the Zox site and see what they have to offer at Zox.la

Not only that, but now I am proud to announce my first design is now available to buy!

To get your own little ape design to sit on your wrists, visit the link below while stocks last!

Happy Zoxing!

Purchase Go Ape here!!