I love the little community that’s grown around my books.

Most of the advertising for my books is through self promotion on social media so I have a little following of readers rather than a vast horde of Dr Ripper fans.

But sometimes, just sometimes you find someone goes that extra mile and helps spread the word on my behalf. This was the case a few days ago when @serensketches from Periscope decided to read the story loosely based on her, Seren Tippity & her self inflating aviation titties from Dr Ripper’s Sinister Shipmates. Yes, my books are quite adult in case you didn’t know.

If you’d like to hear the full tale read by the girl herself you can do so here.

Seren is also an amazing artist, specialising in awesome colour illustrations of nature. Follow @serensketches on Periscope to watch her live or get her art on all sorts of products at SerenSketches.com

It’s great fun as a writer to hear someone reading your work.. particularly with the fact that I would become tongue tied trying to read my own stuff.

It has been suggested to me by another scoper that we get everyone to read their tales.. what a lovely idea!

Up for it folks?!