I met Robert Wells recently at a local comic festival and am very pleased to say I bought a copy of this graphic novel.

Back, Sack and Crack (and Brain) is a very honest, brave and downright hilarious slice of life tale about one man’s suffering at the hands of an unsympathetic medical world.

Robert tells the tale of a young man with a whole collection of mysterious & embarrassing illnesses, most notably testicular pain that renders him almost unable to function in modern day society.

That description would give you the impression that this would be a bleak and dismal book to read, but Wells has a unique light hearted approach to these difficult subjects that have you sniggering to yourself whilst wincing and holding your nether regions. Maybe not a book for reading in public places then.

With crisp and stylish illustrations throughout, this novel has the feel of a Daniel Clowes book with a gritty subject matter.

Couldn’t recommend it enough.

You can find this graphic novel on Amazon