Wow, parenting. They always say it can take a lot out of you but I doubt any parents to be are really prepared for the onslaught of sleepless nights, smelly nappies and ear piercing screams that become a regular part of life.

For someone that spends half his week working from home I had been under the assumption that my wife would look after the baby in one room while I would work in the office. She of course is completely able and happy to do this while I work but the slightest whimper from the baby and I find myself running to her aid, which is rarely needed.

Commissions and my ongoing third book Dr Ripper’s Sinister Shipmates are something I tackle when the baby sleeps, that is after I have spent 15 minutes, sometimes more,  admiring her little sleeping form. I was saying the book would be released in time for Christmas and I still think there is hope, though I say that with less certainty every day.

There is of course also the distraction of horror stories, subtley provided by doctors and health visitors.. and the odd unwise google search. “Don’t let the baby sleep on the sofa as they will suffocate” “make sure they get tummy time 15 minutes a day or they won’t grow properly” .. these are things that haunt me all day as I draw!

The other distraction is the lovely part.. the fact that our little one is at her best from 5am to 9am, where I spend that time making her giggle and pulling stupider faces than my natural one all morning. All good fun but not aiding in sleep.

Forgive me if you see me at events and my hair seems thinner, my eyes more bloodshot or I slur the occasional stupid comment.. I’m not drunk or having a breakdown, I’m a new Dad.