For a while now when I attend weddings and events I have brought a camera along and took snaps of the guests with their doodles.

I’m no genius when it comes to photography but it’s nice when I upload pics to my Facebook page so that brides, grooms or whoever has booked me can get to see their guests with their cartoony counterparts in hand. Indeed it always gives me a laugh to see reactions once more in the comments under each picture.

This week I stumbled on a relatively cheap way to make photo books for those that have booked me, so will now be offering that after each event is completed. At the moment with an introductory price I am making next to nothing from this venture but it is nice to have it on offer in any case.

If you’ve booked me for an event please wait until after I have uploaded photos to Facebook before ordering a book, as with it being a third party creating them I want to make sure they are still available when your date comes.

Always fun to ever expand the world of The Artful Doodler.. of course you never know, in 15 years or so it may be The Artful Doodler & Daughter!