Working as a Cartoonist is a bit like trying to be an eternal child. I’ve avoided all sense of responsibility by having a job that couldn’t be further from a 9 til 5.

But eventually in life responsibility is something you can’t avoid, and I’m quite pleased about it. For on Monday my wonderful wife gave birth to my baby daughter, Skye Harper Nairn.

I never really saw myself becoming a dad and didn’t really believe all these parents I met that said it is the best thing in life. But it’s so true, and it’s a sentiment I truly believe can only be fully understood once you have heard your child’s first whimper.

After a difficult birth and a few days in hospital, we drove home with our beautiful (and I don’t say this just because I’m her dad.. she is gorgeous) baby girl in the car seat. I looked to my wife and said that I don’t ever remember being this happy. It’s a wonderful feeling and I’m looking forward to watching this little beauty grow up.

Maybe in a decade or so there will be a mini Doodler to take up the mantle of my business. The Artful Doodler & Daughter.. it has a ring to it.