About 6 months into its life I discovered the wonder that is Periscope, an app that allows the user to broadcast live footage of whatever they do to the wide world.

I’d always loved using twitter as it could get me in touch with a much wider audience than before. My Random Doodle Time cartoons proved to be a fun little gimmick where people could suggest cartoons for me to draw and of course the aspect of sending celebrities cartoons was a great feature.

But Periscope was something brand new. My twitter friends Frank and Amy (@TheDaftPrawns on Periscope) brought the app to my attention and it opened up a whole new world to me, literally.

All of a sudden I had at my hands a tool where I could draw in the Doodle Cave while chatting to people all over the world. Dr Ripper’s Fabricated Freaks was almost completely created on Periscope and the following books will be too.

Periscope also got me in touch with some great scopers from across the water, @marty888nyc and @MaryNYC1 giving wonderful tours of New York, the hilarious Doug & Ally from @FrameableFaces with their morning show from their studio. There’s also @Claesgens scoping for Floscopetv, a mellow and refreshing show from the beaches of Florida. 

It’s also a great place for watching creative peeps, @serensketches creating awesome illustrations that she sells, @karensilbergceramics, a potter creating an amazing selection of products, all the while having fun with her audience.

These are just a few but there’s a whole world out there to discover and I highly recommend it. Yeah, there’s Facebook Live and Busker but in my opinion they don’t really come close.

To celebrate yesterday’s two year anniversary I scoped an illustration that people could suggest ideas for.. the result was a strange collection of weirdness. You can now buy the original here.

You can also watch the whole bizarre creation on the link below, just watch out for the odd bit of bad language..

Random Periscope Illustration