A couple of weekends back  I had the pleasure of attending Walker Stalker Con, a convention dedicated to The Walking Dead. 

I had attended last year and had been pleasantly surprised by what a great event it was, despite hearing about queues and all sorts of horror stories. But that’s the way of a convention, to meet the stars you have to queue and that’s the way of it.

This year we drove all the way as I didn’t want my heavily pregnant wife struggling with the underground, and we parked at Olympia’s ample parking.

Once inside we were greeted with all sorts of gory and bloody stalls featuring Walking Dead merchandise, one doing zombie makeup, another to my surprise doing zombie tattoos. There were also people dressed as the undead staggering around scaring the visitors and you’d hear screams coming from all directions. At one point to my wife’s disbelief, I actually recognised one of these undead people, a friend of mine who runs a zombie training school called Zombie Business. Felt bad that he had to break character momentarily to say hello..

My main reason for visiting all this hideousness is to meet the celebrities and give them a copy of my Walking Dead artwork. First up was Scott Wilson, the actor who plays Hershel in the series. A really nice guy. After saying hello and getting him to sign my copy we wanderered off to find him chasing us to get my contact details, hopefully not in order to sue me for drawing him as a disembodied head laying on the floor.

We followed up with meeting Denis O’Hare, star of the brilliant American Horror Story. I’ll admit I was a little sick I didn’t know he was there, always nice to give stars a caricature. Maybe he’ll return and I can get one created in time. Meeting him made my wife’s day..

Incidentally the tshirt/dress we were wearing above got a lot of interest from our fellow attendees which was nice, made sure I gave these people the link to my Redbubble store… always the businessman, in the nicest possible way of course.

Also on the list of Walking Dead stars we got the chance to say hello to were the stunning Alexandra Breckenridge (who is something of a selfie master) the lovely Lauren Cohan and the awesome Christian Serratos who took a long time to chat with us and after a chat with her partner said she’d be putting my caricature up in her games room. Music to a caricaturist’s ears.

We did intend to meet up with Michael Cudlitz who we had met last year and found him a real pleasure to chat to. I was going to give him a copy of my latest design (above) but after queuing for around two hours I decided it best to take the pregnant one home. Fanboying can only go so far. I did hear he stayed til the very end to meet his fans to which I tip my cap to him, that’s gotta be a seriously exhausting day.

All in all a fun day had. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you really must make a visit.. just start putting money in the zombie piggy bank in preparation.