Ah Whitstable. I love Whitstable, one of those quaint little sleepy seaside towns with lots of little curiosity shops and restaurants. This town also has one awesome claim to fame, it was home to the legendary Peter Cushing, star of the awesome Hammer horror films and a true gentleman.

Being a gentleman isn’t a rarity in Whitstable. It strikes me as a place full of gentle and friendly people and this was certainly the case on Sunday when we had a stall at the East Quay Venue, overlooking the beach.

As usual I had my lovely wife Mai along to help me, now almost 5 months pregnant and truly showing. This didn’t stop her, she explained to the guests how the doodles work at weddings while I got to draw some lovely peeps.

It’s really nice getting to meet all these brides and grooms to be and such an honour to think they may have me as entertainment on their big day. Nice too to get positive responses from people regarding the doodles drawn at fairs, as I did with this one posted to Instagram about an hour after drawing it..

Now as much as all these things are great at wedding fairs, East Quay has a little trick up their sleeves that gets all the wedding suppliers twitchy at around 1.30. For this is the time we all get a portion of fish n chips, and I can safely say it’s some of the best I’ve tasted.

Luckily for some reason no guests seemed to walk past but maybe I just didn’t notice with my head stuck inside the box..

The venue itself is a delight, a clean and bright wooden building with a definite seaside feel, plus very roomy too.

Check out their website at East Quay Venue

As always thanks to all who came and got a doodle, special thanks to those that booked and I look forward to receiving further enquiries following that great afternoon at the seaside!