So I’ve recently started uploading images to Redbubble so that people can get my doodles on tshirts, hoodies, clocks, bags and all sorts of items.

I’ve been wanting to do this for years so really pleased when I got some of the products myself to find the quality is superb.

It’s also taught me a LOT about copyright and what you are allowed to create with regards to movie and television artwork.

One evening I uploaded two new images, one, a Walking Dead design and two, a Bazinga design featuring the Big Bang Theory characters. It felt great to finally use the latter design as the cast have never responded to the images, despite fans seeming to love it which I always felt a shame.

Both were removed due to copyright. I found myself wondering why these weren’t allowed and yet other images were..and I think I’ve figured it out.

Both had the words Walking Dead and Bazinga on them which none of my other accepted designs did. So therefore if it’s your interpretation of a character without actually labelling it so then that is fine but to actually title it is not.

I fell into the trap again a few days ago without thinking when uploading a Star Wars/Game of Thrones mashup called Tyrion Skywalker. I should have foreseen this would be taken down as Lucasfilm are hot off the mark with this stuff.

Many years back when I worked as a cinema projectionist we were showing The Phantom Menace. Lucasfilm were very strict on merchandise being returned (and apparently destroyed) so that people couldn’t profit from them.

So now my Tyrion design is up under the new title of Red Wine Standing By.. true fans will understand. So far it seems safe, fingers crossed it stays.

One image that could only be copyright if I sued myself is Freaky People, a design based on characters from my first book. Hope to do more like this soon.. 

Pleased to say I’ve sold items to a few different countries now so please join in and help fund a struggling artist! .. that is before George Lucas has me locked up.

(Since typing this the above Tyrion image has also been deleted.. everything I’ve said above is apparently incorrect)