Ah, the selfie. I think everyone is doing them now. You still get the odd person out there who declines from taking a selfie on the grounds that it’s below them. As if somehow taking a selfie makes them look bad. Maybe for those with bad faces maybe.

A selfie is a great depiction of the here and now, what better way to preserve a moment in time than a snapshot saying, “here I was when that happened”.

When Dr Ripper’s Fabricated Freaks was released some wonderful people sent me snapshots of the moment they got the book.. and as mentioned in a previous blog, this gave way to my first Dr Ripper competition.

The competition was this; send me a selfie with the book and you can end up featuring in one of the pages plus receive a free copy of the next in the series, Dr Ripper’s Malevolent Mansion.

Some awesome entries followed. One that would most certainly have been a winner was an entry from my friend Bod, sufficiently gory so much so that it made me feel slightly ill..

However, Bod will be a main character in the next book anyway, rendering the entry void.

So I waited for further entries.. and they were all awesome. But two last minute entries stood out above all others, weird, inventive and fun.. just what the Doctor ordered (see what I did there?!).

So I announced two winners. Andrew Beard with his glorious Sith entry and Michelle Louise really getting her teeth into the book.

Congrats guys, I look forward to adding you to my strange little world!!