For years now I’ve been after a way to get my celebrity caricatures on tshirts and other items as I’ve always thought caricature really lends itself to it.

I’ve actually been approached by sites offering this service and then found after upload that they wouldn’t accept my artwork for some reason or other.

After watching my good friend Seren on Periscope doodling these amazing wildlife pieces, I noticed she was selling products with images on.. and they were good products too, tshirts, phone cases, you name it Redbubble do it.

So as always, when I’m supposed to be sleeping at night I found myself sitting in bed with my laptop adding caricatures to Redbubble

The problem is, it’s a bit like eBay in that when you list things you find yourself browsing and before you know it I’m buying other people’s products before I’ve sold any of my own.

Now I know I’ll be visiting Walker Stalker Con in March (the Walking Dead convention) and I’m going to need a good tshirt or hoodie..

Therefore, please go buy some of my items as I’m only going to pour it back into the website anyway 😉