“Miss Me?”

A simple and yet apt catchphrase for the sinister and superb Moriarty in the BBC Sherlock.

Indeed we did miss Andrew Scott as the crazy and comical villain, since he departed the show a while back in that ambiguous rooftop scene.

(Spoilers) I actually cheered as he departed the helicopter in the scene from last nights finale. Two factors always seem to come up in Sherlock, madness and logic. Sherlock and Moriarty have both of these and it’s great when their forces oppose, even after one of them is long dead.

Last night we were treated to a proper finale, it really felt that this was what the show had been building to. 

More so than anything else, it was great to see a few characters really bear their soul. We see Molly forced to reveal her love for Sherlock in a truly edge of your seat and heart rending scene. Mycroft reveals two things; that he also is a master of disguise in a scene that fooled me (I was getting annoyed thinking, that’s obviously Sherlock) and that also he’s not such a bad guy after all. An attempt to sacrifice himself in exchange for Watson was a beautiful touch to an already stressful episode.

Sian Brooke was amazing as the downright terrifying Eurus, playing a character who was almost supernatural in presence and somewhat reminiscent of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.

Of course, as always though it is a treat to see Cumberbatch and Freeman in their roles. We’ve followed them along as their turbulent relationship has developed and end up with an episode that has come full circle.

I expected a finale with them both being killed off, but it was great to see a montage of their further adventures to end the series.

I’m reading online people wondering if the series will continue?!  I was under the impression that was the final episode, and rightly so.

Everything wrapped up neatly with knowledge that the pair are out there saying,

“The Game is On”