I’ve always liked to have a website that you could explore as a guest.

Even way back when I used a myspace page as a site (I know right, how old am I?!) I always planned to create a site that would feel like a little world you could visit.

The gallery page has always been exactly that, a room with pictures on the walls that you could look through.. this time round however, having books for sale on amazon I thought it would be good to add a library.

My library can be accessed through the gallery but if you want a quick detour you can follow this link.. The Doodle Library

There’s a few different books on the shelf that you can click on plus a link to my book Dr Ripper’s Fabricated Freaks that’s on amazon.. I don’t know why I’ve mentioned that, because you obviously have a copy.. silly me.

The first book is the cartoon diary that I wrote on the set of Hugo, the Martin Scorsese movie about an orphan who lives in the walls of a Parisian train station. Back in 2010 I had the pleasure of 3 months as an extra on the set and I got to see some amazing sights and meet some wonderful people. The diary I wrote took the interest of the other extras and so I printed copies off of the work in progress, sold them and gave the money to the Movember charity box that was circling on set. A big shock came to me when an Assistant Director asked for 5 copies for Mr Scorsese and his team. I obliged in terror as I never know how my humour would be taken by a Hollywood legend. A fellow extra told me he saw Scorsese flicking through the pages in his trailer and I had a week before returning to Shepperton Studios. That was one long week I can tell you. On returning I asked the AD how the book went down with Martin and was told he loved it.. I’ll take that as gospel.


The second book on the shelf is a collection of my Ruminations of a Dudeist Cartoonist. Dudeism is a chilled out and tongue in cheek religion based on The Dude from The Coen Bros movie The Big Lebowski. Being a huge fan of Jeff Bridges, I thought this idea was genius.. a religion where you don’t need to take life so seriously, just what the world needs right now. So what’s in there is a collection of quite adult semi-autobiographical cartoon strips about me appraching life from a Dudeist perspective.

The third book Frameable Faces is a collection of little quick shot cartoons that I draw for my good friends in Michigan, Doug & Ally Cohen. Doug & Ally have a photography studio out there and run a morning show on the live streaming app Periscope. Mornings in the UK are something I generally go to bed in (I’m a night owl) so I’m on what I call US time. Therefore, I often visit (through my phone, not actually visit, that would be stupidly expensive) and draw cartoons based on the subject of the day. They’re random and strange, but what else would you expect from my diseased mind?! Check out Frameable Faces on their morning show on Periscope here

Here’s the awesome couple’s entry to my Fabricated Freaks competition, which I’m sure you all know about huh.


Anyway folks, enjoy the library.. and the beauty of this library is that you can be as noisy as you like so feel free to swear, cough your guts up and fart to your hearts content!