It’s an odd thing being self employed. In most jobs you follow a kind of pattern, each week you perform the same activities and at the end of the month you get paid.

Self employment is a whole different thing, particularly for those in the wedding and entertainment industry. Certain months are your busiest and December was no exception for me.

I finished out December with a booking at The Old Kent Barn doodling a lovely crowd at a New Year’s Eve wedding.

It was nice to see some familiar faces. There was Terry from TDH Media, a company that specialises in Marryoke, a great way to remember your day by form of a music video. Also providing his awesome DJ skills was Raf from Apollofunk entertainment.. I personally always book him when I have a party, really knows what he’s doing.

It was a very busy night but knowing I would be entering a quiet January meant I could really throw myself into it without fear of what I call a Caricature Hangover.

So now I’m in the January phase of a caricaturists job, it’s not entirely quiet but a definite change of pace. It’s the time for planning the year ahead and it’s strange to think while typing this that I haven’t drawn for two days already. It’s all accounts and paperwork this month.

I spend quiet days generally in slob wear, often a dressing gown. This is all fine and dandy until a postman shows up at 2pm and gives me a funny look. Also this morning was embarrassing when I’d forgotten to put the bin out and ended up running after the bin men half dressed.

For this reason more than any other I crave the busy patch if for nothing more than self respect.

This craving won’t last long, the diary fills up quick and before I know it I’m back to five gigs average per week.

Life as a caricaturist is a great one and I can’t recommend it enough, the real trick is managing the year effectively.