Tonight is my final gig of 2016. It’s been one hell of a busy year.

I’ve worked a record number of gigs which have included weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, bat mitzvahs and workshops. No idea exactly how many pictures that is and I truly dread to think. I often wonder if I’ll run out of people and have to move elsewhere.

Indeed, at last nights gig, a 60th birthday party with a great crowd, I met people I’d drawn previously and someone I used to work with back in Dickens World. 

2016 also saw the publishing of two books featuring my art work. The first was The Legends of Grimous Ironblood, a fantasy story written by my good friend Ken Boyter. The second was my horror book for adults, Dr Ripper’s Fabricated Freaks, written and illustrated by me. Both are available on Amazon and will have sequels.. hint, hint, go spend etc.
It’s also been a good year for celebrity stalking. I met several stars of The Walking Dead and gave them caricatures, likewise with Gus and Walter Jnr from Breaking Bad. Also had the pleasure of doodling Alexander Armstrong at a corporate gig last week. As always, they were all a pleasure to meet. Wonder who 2017 will bring?! I often feel like Professor Slughorn from Harry Potter collecting well known individuals. Shameful and Shameless huh.

I’ve lots planned for 2017, some really HUGE projects planned so will keep you all posted.

Happy New Year one and all! May you have a great night and think of me, doodling away until late tonight.

P.S. stay away from my favourite celebs 2017!