Who said men couldn’t multitask?

Despite an insane Christmas season of working at weddings, parties and corporate events I’ve managed to squeeze in time to rebuild my website which I had previously completely lost all the files to.

It was when rebuilding this site that I realised I had been so very dedicated in my blog for 2016, having managed to post 1, yes 1 post to my Blogger site! Terrible huh.

So with that I decided to set up a brand new blog, and I’m told that WordPress is the place to do it. Must say, I’m liking the customise features.

I suppose for those unaware who the Artful Doodler is, I should introduce myself. My name’s Rich Nairn and no, I’m not a Victorian pickpocket. I’m a caricaturist. It’s one of the most fun and rewarding jobs a man of my age can have. No early mornings, no dirt (apart from the odd spilt drink from a drunken party-goer) and most importantly, no boss.

So this is me just saying hello. Hello!

I hope to make regular posts rather than annual, let’s see if I keep to it.